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I'm trying to use JQuery UI Accordion for a multi-level menu, like a Superfish menu, but with vertial accordion presentation instead. For example:

  • Home
  • Products
    • product category 1
    • product category 2

The 'main menu' level items are linked to the corresponding page, so in this example, 'products' is linked to the 'products' page. In the accordion menu, if you click the '+' to open the 'products' menu, the 'products' link is activated and you are taken to the 'products' page.

This seems wrong to me. The '+' should open the menu, but not activate the link. A user should have to click on the 'products' link itself to activate it.

Is there a configuration option or jQuery function I can use to trigger different actions for the link and the '+'?

Thanks for helping.

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It's a matter of event bubbling. I don't use jQuery UI but I give you an example:

<a href="whatyouwant.html"><span class="himg"></span></a>
$('span').click(function(){menuclick($(this).parent());return false})

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/keszlercsaba/qqwPS/ Give a try.

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