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I need different sized images for both the 7" and 10" tablets. The 7" images are in drawable-large-mdpi and work fine. The 10" images are in drawable-xlarge-mdpi and work fine. But it now looks like they would probably benefit being all in one folder. I assumed that just by using drawable-large-mdpi the 10" tablets would automatically go to this but it doesnt seem the case? Is there anyway to get both tablets to use one (large) drawable folder?

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Never-mind I just used drawable-sw600dp-mdpi and works fine!

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Use sw600dp for 7 inch tablet and sw720dp for 10 inch tablet

Refer http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html

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if you have the following set up: drawable-mdpi >> 10" and phones will pick up images from here drawable-large-mdpi >> 7" will pick up from here

Instead you can have(from 3.2 and above) drawable-mdpi >> phones drawable-sw600dp-mdpi >> All devices with smallest width greater than 600dp(7" and 10" tabs)

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drawable-large-mdpi and drawable-large-land-mdpi for 7" tablet portrait and landscape.

Then for 10" tablet portrait and lanscape drawable-xlarge-mdpi and drawable-xlarge-land-mdpi respectively.

Working fine. It supports from API level 8

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