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So I have a kernel that looks like to this:

__kernel void my_kernel( __global const uchar *array, const uint number, __global const uchar *result) {

I have figured out how to pass the arrays (byte arrays in Java) by creating a buffer:

cl_mem memObjects[] = new cl_mem[2];
memObjects[0] = clCreateBuffer(context, 
    Sizeof.cl_uchar * dataSize, 
    Pointer.to(data), null

and then setting it:

clSetKernelArg(my_kernel, 0, Sizeof.cl_mem, Pointer.to(memObjects[0]));

What I can't figure out is how to set the number parameter...which is a simple int in Java?

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You could try :

clSetKernelArg(my_kernel, 1, Sizeof.cl_uint, Pointer.to(new int[]{123}));
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