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I'm using a Picasa RSS feed no problem but I can't get the original large size image that I uploaded. When uploading via Picasa I purposely chose to upload 'Original size' (quite big). The feed URL's only point to smaller images. How do I get the original big image from picasa?

I'm able to hack to URL from inspecting the image on the Picasa website so this is an example of the photo I want:

I know that you can change the URL above with the s (bold bit above) in the URL.

So here's my coldfusion code to get and use the feed:

<cffeed name="picassa_RSS"source="">

<!--- Loop through picasa RSS feed and output thumbnails --->
<cfloop array="#picassa_RSS.item#" index="i">
<img alt="img" src="[2].url#" class="picture">

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Ok I found the answer myself. See the imgmax parameter here:

You basically add &imgmax=1600 to the end of the feed URL to get the largest possible size.

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Adding &imgmax=2048 to the url works for me as my images are 1920 width.

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