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I have an array of array like below with all numeric values. I want to perform some mathematical operations with these values.

1) Add and print the values of each array elements. e.g.

sum $VAR1 = sum1
sum $VAR2 = sum2

2) Add all the values from each variables. e.g.

sum $VAR1 + $VAR2 +...+ $VARn = totalsum

3) Finding percentage of each variable's total (sum1, sum2, etc) with the totalsum.

$VAR1 = [
    'upto n numbers'
$VAR2 = [
    'upto n numbers'
$VARn = [
    'upto n numbers'

I have tried below code to perform addition of first array ref but its not giving me the correct values.

my $total = 0;
($total+=$_) for $input[0];
print $total;
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I'd do it this way:

use List::Util qw(sum)
my @sums = map { sum(@{$_}) } @array;
my $sum_of_sums = sum(@sums);
my @percentages = map { $_ / $sum_of_sums } @sums;

(edit: In your code, you needed to dereference the arrayref at $input[0].)

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Dave's answer already covers the simple cases. If you want to do large-scale processing with matrixy data, consider using the PDL module. (Specifically, start with PDFL::Intro. Thanks for that, Brad)

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