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I am starting a new project were I will be getting a video input and I will have to add several itens in the video..some lines and real time information. Since the camera will be in a shaking enviroment, I will probably need also to add some sort of video stabilization as well. I plan to use C# in the project, since it's the language I know better, so I wanted to know which APIs should I look for? OpenCV is just fine or are there any better choices? I am pretty new in computer vision, so any advice is welcomed.

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OpenCV is bar-none the defacto computer vision library. It is packed full of functions to make your life easier.

With respect to image stabilization, Stackoverflow has answered possible approaches to this. Most of the time, you want to extract robust local feature descriptors and use them to perform registration on consecutive image frames.

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The camera will be in an airplane, so I am afraid the software can go nuts because of the airplane motion, thinking it is some kind of shake...is this easy to resolve? –  mFeinstein Dec 2 '12 at 20:31

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