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I am interested in making an application that uses C# for the logic and HTML5/JS for the UI. I know a web application would be obvious, but I would like to try and make this a desktop application. I found a similar question here Desktop application development with Javascript and HTML and the answer given said that chromium embedded was difficult to debug.

Has there been any other recommended frameworks/tools for HTML5 desktop applications?

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Could you precise whereas you really want to program in C#, or if you're alright with a full JS/CSS/HTML solution ? –  Jecimi Aug 24 '13 at 21:15
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If you are not targeting Windows 7 and older versions of Windows OS then you could write a Metro app using HTML5/JS and have all of it's logic in a WinMD library (you can write these in C#).

But like I said, it does limit you to Windows 8.

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Yeah, I would like to target windows 7, among other platforms. I don't really want to lock myself into Windows 8. –  Justin Dec 3 '12 at 1:23
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