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I'm working on a cosimulation in simulink using either 2012a or 2011b, and System Generator 13.1. When building the library block for the hardware to be loaded onto the zynq fpga, I configure the system generator to be a 'Hardware Co-Sim,' everything through this step works. However, in the simulink/pc end of the simulation, I haven't found any good resources for how to configure. Am I correct in assuming it also should be set as a hardware co-sim and not some other setup (HDL netlist) or anything like that?

Currently, the system seems to be loading the block just fine, but the jtag library is missing, not sure if this is a sysgen issue, or software versioning issue. My understanding is that sysgen is still in beta for 2012a.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it should be set as a hardware co-simulation (Your board->connection type). Configuring of board occurs when You start simulation. (Or You can program it manually using Impact and next check "skip configuration" in block properties).

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