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I am using HtmlUnit to navigate through the Web of knowledge web page. I am using the code below to set an option button so that results on the page would be sorted appropriately. Unfortunately, nothing happens when I execute the code. Results on the page remains sorted in the same way as they ware before.

HtmlSelect ssort = (HtmlSelect) pageX.getFirstByXPath("//*[@id=\'topNavBar\']/tbody/tr/td[3]/form/select");

HtmlOption optionA = ssort.getOptionByValue("LC.D;PY.D;AU.A;SO.A;VL.D;PG.A");

ssort.setSelectedAttribute(optionA, true);


I debuged the code and there is no errors. Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong?

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As a general rule, functions like the .click() and .setSelectedAttribute(HTMLOption, boolean)(See JavaDoc) will return a HTMLPage that in most cases is the same as the current one, however in your case it will return a different HTMLPage. So to capture the new page you just need to assign the return value to a HTMLPage.

N.B: You could also use getCurrentWindow() on the WebClient instance.

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