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I am using Lightswitch as shipped with Visual Studio 2012 on a Windows 7 machine, and even with simple tutorial projects, the top Ribbon control and left Menu do not appear. In addition, under Properties, Application Type, I have options for Desktop or Web, but not the additional controls for Application Server or Azure. This is a new dev machine, I confirmed that IIS is on and running, but may be missing a configuration step or service.

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Thanks to Yann Duran, one of the moderators of the the LightSwitch forum on MSDN. He said that I was following 2011 tutorials, and needed to change the theme from the new one that ships with VS 2012. I changed the Shell value (under Properties, General Properties) to Lightswitch Standard Shell and everything works fine.

While that fixed my problem, it raises a new question. Why wouldn't a vanilla tutorial for Lightswitch produce a working application on VS 2012 using the new theme? A question for another day, perhaps.

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