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I was looking at flickr and noticed their carousel at the top and how smoothly it operated. Upon inspecting it, it shows "yui" but I don't see it anywhere in the YUI list of items.

Does anyone know what elements specifically from YUI the carousel is made from, and where they're available?

Thank you for any assistance.

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The following are conclusions I'm reaching based on what I can tell from the HTML and minified JS source.

The Flickr carousel is written with very little YUI code and without using any complex component besides the transition module. Transition is used to provide a fallback for animations in older browsers. It's very smooth because it's using CSS transitions, in particular using translate3d() which works really well for moving images in one direction.

Like Quinn mentions, there's the Gallery Carousel widget. Lately I'm using ScrollView + ScrollViewPaginator and disabling drag events in non-touch devices. I like this approach because it feels like the typical carousel, but it also supports flicking through the images/pages with gestures on touch devices.

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you can build it very easily using the YUI Gallery Carousel YUI Gallery Carousel

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