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I am using the following code:


However, I would like to only have working days, how can it be done? (Assuming that 1991/1/4 is a Monday, I would like to exclude: 1991/6/4 and 1991/7/4. And that for each week.)

Thank you for your help.

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Ok, you just mean to exclude weekends? Look at the function weekdays. –  joran Dec 2 '12 at 21:27
@joran: thank you –  BrunoGG Dec 2 '12 at 22:17

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Would this work for you? (note, it requires the timeDate package to be installed)

# install.packages('timeDate')

# A ’timeDate’ Sequence
tS <- timeSequence(as.Date("1991/1/4"), as.Date("2010/3/1"))

# Subset weekdays
tW <- tS[isWeekday(tS)]; tW
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it works perfect, thank you very much eric –  BrunoGG Dec 2 '12 at 22:18
@BrunoGG, you are welcome. renumber to mark your question as solved when your problem have been solved. –  Eric Fail Dec 2 '12 at 22:20

You are entering your dates incorrectly. In order to use the YYYY/DD/MM input mode which is implied by 1991/1/4 being Monday, you need to have a format string in as.Date.

So the full solution assuming you want to exclude weekends is:

 X <- seq( as.Date("1991/1/4", format="%Y/%m/%d"), as.Date("2010/3/1", format="%Y/%m/%d"),"days")
weekdays.X <- X[ ! weekdays(X) %in% c("Saturday", "Sunday") ]  
        # negation easier since only two cases in exclusion
        # probably do not want to print that vector to screen.

Regarding your comment I am unable to reproduce. I get:

> table(weekdays(weekdays.X) )

   Friday    Monday  Thursday   Tuesday Wednesday 
     1000      1000       999       999       999 
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Thank you DWin! However, I seem to be getting daily data with the week ends included. –  BrunoGG Dec 2 '12 at 22:30

I came to this question while looking up business day functions, and since the OP requested "business days" instead of "weekdays", and timeDate also has the isBizday function, this answer uses that.

# A timeDate Sequence
date.sequence <- timeSequence(as.Date("1991-12-15"), as.Date("1992-01-15"));  # a short example period with three London holidays

# holidays in the period
years.included <- unique( as.integer( format( x=date.sequence, format="%Y" ) ) );
holidays <- holidayLONDON(years.included)  #  (locale was not specified by OP in question nor in profile, so this assumes for example: holidayLONDON; also supported by timeDate are: holidayNERC, holidayNYSE, holidayTSX & holidayZURICH)

# Subset business days
business.days <- date.sequence[isBizday(date.sequence, holidays)]; 
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