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How do I change the default refactoring keyboard mappings in Delphi 2006?

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As you probably know, in D2006 you can find the settings under: Tools > Options > Editor Options > Key Mappings Also, there is the "Editor speedsetting" under: Tools > Options > Editor Options

However, these don't give you direct control over the keymappings, they just let you choose a keymapping from among the installed Enhancement Modules. Per D2006 Help:

Enhancement modules

Enhancement modules are special packages that are installed and registered and use the keyboard binding features that can be developed using the Open Tools API. You can create enhancement modules that contain new keystrokes or apply new operations to existing keystrokes.

Once installed, the enhancement modules are displayed in the Enhancement modules list box. Clicking the check box next to the enhancement module enables it and unchecking it disables it. Key mapping defined in an installed and enabled enhancement module overrides any existing key mapping defined for that key in the key mapping module which is currently in effect.

Clearly, this is not a quick do-it-yourself setting.

GExperts has a feature supporting IDE Menu Shortcuts that support hotkey configuration of any IDE menu command, including refactoring commands.

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Thanks Argalatyr, your answer confirms my own experience (no simple integrated way to override a key mapping). I already use CnPack IDE enhancements so I'm a bit worried that installing GExperts would mess up some things. But if I cannot find a more specific solution in the near future I will give it a try. – Tihauan Sep 3 '09 at 8:57
I use both GExperts and CnPack IDE Enhancements in D2007; they work fine together. You'll end up disabling little bits of them over time to stop duplicate functionality, but there were no other problems. – Ken White Sep 9 '09 at 20:55

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