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i am building an application with Entity framework 5.0 code first and WCF Data services 5.0

i have Business layer , data service layer and a domain layer,

In the domain layer i have all the POCO entities (SomeContext)which represent database table and other models, this project i got dbcontext as well. which is referenced in the data service layer for DataService

I have created context reference using datasvcutil.exe in side dataservice layer and written all the service call in the data service call. which is called from business layer.

On saving i am getting following error Error processing request stream. The type name '.DataService.Carrier' is not valid.

below is my save method (this method inside DataServiceContext)

  public DataServiceResponse SaveCarriers(Carrier carrier)
            return SaveChanges();

what i am missing? can any one guide me?

Thank you

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I have fixed my self by creating service reference within business layer and creating all the save methods withing the context. But i wanted database related task to handle in separate layer. time being it works, i am looking for better solution, any idea are welcome. –  jks Dec 4 '12 at 12:38

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