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When trying to 'vmc push hello' the sinatra sample app as a test of deployment I get:

Time of crash:  
Sun Dec 02 14:11:52 -0800 2012  

NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass  

manifests-vmc-plugin-0.4.14/lib/manifests-vmc-plugin.rb:76:in `app_by_tag'  
manifests-vmc-plugin-0.4.14/lib/manifests-vmc-plugin.rb:81:in `find_apps'  
mothership-0.3.0/lib/mothership/command.rb:78:in `instance_exec'  
mothership-0.3.0/lib/mothership/command.rb:78:in `invoke'  
mothership-0.3.0/lib/mothership/command.rb:82:in `instance_exec'  
mothership-0.3.0/lib/mothership/command.rb:82:in `invoke'  
mothership-0.3.0/lib/mothership/base.rb:50:in `execute'
vmc-0.4.2/lib/vmc/cli.rb:106:in `execute'
mothership-0.3.0/lib/mothership.rb:42:in `start'
/usr/bin/vmc:19:in `load'

This happens when trying to deploy using vmc to 'api.cloudfoundry.com' and micro cloud using the commands 'vmc push hello' and 'vmc push'

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Running gem update vmc fixed the problem for me. Updates to => manifests-vmc-plugin-0.4.17

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Yes fixed in this version. Thanks – lux Dec 6 '12 at 22:53
VMC has been updated since I posted my answer. – Dan Higham Dec 7 '12 at 5:40

There is an issue with the manifests-vmc-plugin (0.4.14), you can do one of a couple of a few things;

  • Use the legacy version of VMC (3.2.23)
  • Uninstall VMC 0.4.2 and manifests-vmc-plugin 0.4.14 if you already had vmc 0.4.1 and manifests-vmc-plugin 0.4.13 installed.

If you uninstall all versions of VMC and manifests-vmc-plugin, you can re-install vmc 0.4.1, then uninstall manifests-vmc-plugin 0.4.14 and re-install manifests-vmc-plugin 0.4.13 this should leave with a working version of the "new" vmc as apposed the older legacy version.

Hope that all makes sense. I should also add that this issue will be picked up and hopefully resolved in the next 24hrs.

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Thanks Dan, decided to try and use the legacy version until the fix comes through. In the github docs it says to run vmc _0.3.23_ -v to use the stable version. Yet that command doesn't switch versions on my machine. Do I need to create a version file and touch it like the touch ~/.vmc/use-ng command? I've installed 0.4.2 and 03.2.23 side by side using rvm. – lux Dec 3 '12 at 16:35
Not sure about that, if you want to use 0.4.x, you can switch back to 0.4.1. You just need to make sure you rollback manifests-vmc-plugin to 0.4.13 after you install it. – Dan Higham Dec 3 '12 at 16:39
That said, I did try vmc 0.3.23 -v and it worked. Although, I think it may be an rbenv thing! – Dan Higham Dec 3 '12 at 16:57

Can you downgrade vmc gem version to the previous one? sudo gem uninstall vmc and to be safe sudo gem install vmc [working_version]

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Make sure you're in the right directory when doing your push.

As a workaround, and to validate that this crash indeed comes from an app detection failure (as the stacktrace seems to imply), you can use vmc push --path <directory of your app contents>

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