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Let's say that I'm building a web app that will be required to exchange data with 3 possible entities:

  • Another open browser window open on the same machine.
  • A browser on a different machine that is still within the same intranet.
  • A browser on a machine outside of the intranet.

Is it possible to somehow finagle to HTTP protocol so that the data is optimally routed?

  • If the transfer is on the same machine, then the request should never even reach the router.
  • If the transfer is in the intranet, then the request should never make it onto the internet at large.
  • If the transfer is outside of the intranet - then so be it.
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Do you know how (what technologies/methods) you are going to talk to another browser window on the same machine? –  Sam Mussmann Dec 2 '12 at 22:30

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This has nothing to do with HTTP. What you want is exactly what properly configured routing does.

You need a combination of a properly configured DNS and a router and communication with local hosts will never pass the router.

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