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I have bean "RichFacesTreeNodeBean" with property "newItemInfo", and I call modal panel with inputTextArea, which must contain actual value of that property, but it contains the first value of property all the time. Here is the part of index.xhtml:

<rich:popupPanel id="editPanel">
        <h:inputTextarea value="#{richFacesTreeNodeBean.newItemInfo}" />
        <!-- some buttons -->

And RichFacesTreeNodeBean.java:

public class RichFacesTreeNodeBean {
     private String newItemInfo;

public String getNewItemInfo() {
    return newItemInfo;

How to fix this?

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    <a4j:outputPanel layout="block" ajaxRendered="true"> 
         <h:inputTextarea value="#{richFacesTreeNodeBean.newItemInfo}" />

It works.

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