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With a selected a block of code, I try to indent it by pressing TAB.

I would expect the code to be indented.

Instead, the selected text is deleted and replaced by a TAB.

How come? Is there any other shortcut for this?

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As a newcomer to Pharo/Squeak you might expect to indent a block of code by pressing TAB/SHIFT-TAB.

As it turns out, this is not the way it works as of Pharo 1.4 / Squeak 4.3 (however this might change in the future, see comment below).

The correct shortcuts for indenting-Right / indenting-Left are:

                 Indent (right)        Outdent (left)
    Win/Linux:    Ctl + Alt + R         Ctl + Alt + L 
    Mac:          Cmd + Shift + R       Cmd + Shift + L

So: it's R/L for right/left.

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As a side note: Shortcut keys are about to change (sooner than later hopefully) and become more customizable (they already are more customizable than they used to be). There's currently an interesting discussion on the mailing list about vim like shortcuts: forum.world.st/Re-Vim-Keys-td4657381.html –  Max Leske Dec 3 '12 at 14:44

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