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I have an activeadmin resource which has a belongs_to :user relationship.

When I create a new Instance of the model in active admin, I want to associate the currently logged in user as the user who created the instance (pretty standard stuff I'd imagine).

So... I got it working with:

controller do
  def create
    @item =[:item])
    @item.user = current_curator

However ;) I'm just wondering how this works? I just hoped that assigning the @item variable the user and then calling super would work (and it does). I also started looking through the gem but couldn't see how it was actually working.

Any pointers would be great. I'm assuming this is something that InheritedResources gives you?


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I ran into a similar situation where I didn't really need to completely override the create method. I really only wanted to inject properties before save, and only on create; very similar to your example. After reading through the ActiveAdmin source, I determined that I could use before_create to do what I needed:

ActiveAdmin.register Product do
  before_create do |product|
    product.creator = current_user
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Beautiful solution. Should be marked as the accepted answer. – yagudaev Oct 1 '14 at 19:02

Another option:

def create
  params[:item].merge!({ user_id: })
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This works the best of all the options I've tried – DogEatDog Nov 25 '13 at 19:58

You are right active admin use InheritedResources, all other tools you can see on the end of the page.

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Damn, upon re-reading the docs properly (apologies for anyone else reading this)... I should have just called create! instead of super above. Though I think it'll do the same thing. – patrick-davey Dec 3 '12 at 4:23

As per the AA source code this worked for me:

controller do
  def call_before_create(offer)
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