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First thing in your site has been include two jquery file please remove "jquery.min.js" file.


Go to headre.php file and find wp_head() function below you have include "jquery.galleria.js".

"jquery.galleria.js" file include below from "jquery.js?ver=1.7.2" file.

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When if comes to JS, we all know that IE is very picky and FF can be the same way - Chrome tends to be forgiving with the small stuff, but it's always worth a good look at your code in a JS Linter of some sort just to be safe. Running your script through a linter shows that you're missing a semicolon on line 33 of your code. Both sites that you pointed us to have this same issue, so I'm not sure it will solve your problem, but it can't hurt, right?

Try using this and see if it helps:

    $('.gallery_demo_unstyled').addClass('gallery_demo'); // adds new class name to maintain degradability
        history   : true, // activates the history object for bookmarking, back-button etc.
        clickNext : true, // helper for making the image clickable
        insert    : '#main_image', // the containing selector for our main image
        onImage   : function(image,caption,thumb) { // let's add some image effects for demonstration purposes
            // fade in the image and caption
            if(! ($.browser.mozilla && navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Win")!=-1) ) { // FF/Win fades large images terribly slow
            // fetch the thumbnail container
            var _li = thumb.parents('li');
            // fade out inactive thumbnail
            // fade in active thumbnail
            // add a title for the clickable image
            image.attr('title','Next image >>');
        onThumb : function(thumb) { // thumbnail effects goes here
            // fetch the thumbnail container
            var _li = thumb.parents('li');
            // if thumbnail is active, fade all the way.
            var _fadeTo ='.active') ? '1' : '0.3';
            // fade in the thumbnail when finnished loading
            // hover effects
                function() { thumb.fadeTo('fast',1); },
                function() { _li.not('.active').children('img').fadeTo('fast',0.3); } // don't fade out if the parent is active
            ); // <-- Added semicolon
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I would also check any of your other JS files for Console Logs as those never fail to cause issues in IE/FF. – ReLeaf Dec 3 '12 at 2:10

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