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Lets say that I have a method that returns a String. I want to check if the returned String is equal to another String and if they are the same to set the returned String to be just "". How would I go about doing this.

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Assuming the "original" string is str and the "other" string is anotherStr:

return str.equals(anotherStr) ? "" : str;

Notice that anyway you have to return something if the strings are different, I'm returning str, but you'll know what's the appropriate value to return in this case.

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Use String.equals() to compare two strings in Java.

return str.equals("bla") ? "" : str;
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Set up your check() method like this, where you pass in the String you want to check for, and run it at the end of the method...

public String check(String comparison){
    // do some normal processing here, which ends up with a String 'result' that you want to return

    // Do the check at the end
    if (result.equals(comparison)){
        return "";
    else {
        return result;

Alternatively, you can add the check into the method call itself, which doesn't require you to change the signature of the method...

String result = runMethod();
if (result.equals(comparison)){
    result = "";
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Thank you but the returned string is from another method and i am calling that method and checking if the returned value is equal to the value of a new string that i create. –  Lock1618 Dec 3 '12 at 16:48

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