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I am using Twitter bootstrap to create my fixed navbar up top, and I wanted to mimic something like Kickstarter's navbar, where they create a new line in between 'Discover' and 'great projects.' I've tried using an escape "\n" as well as "< br />" (i realize there's a space in front of br) to create a new line, but it messes up the format of the rest of the navbar, and pushes the logo up. What would be the correct way to create 2 lines, but maintaining the overall height of the navbar?

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<ul class="nav">
    <a href="#">
      <span class="li-head">Discover</span>
      <span class="li-tail">great projects</span>

.nav li a > span { display:block; }
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Thank you Calvin! The only problem with this is that when I hover over Discover, it only highlights discover and not 'great projects.' what would be the best way to combine them? I tried making an id name for <li>, but that changed the positions of the other links in the navbar, and made everything look off –  kibaekr Dec 6 '12 at 4:53
How are you handling the hover? By right hovering over either "Discover" or "great projects" would be hovering over the same <a> tag –  Calvin Dec 6 '12 at 8:06
I am using Twitter bootstrap's Less variables like this: @\navbarLinkColor: @\white; @\navbarLinkColorHover: @\orange;. However, the white or orange doesn't apply to your code, so I had to retype that. Is there a way I can get your link connected to @\navbarLinkColor? –  kibaekr Dec 6 '12 at 9:34

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