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I'm new to Vim, sorry for this newbie question. I'm using a vim plugin vim-indent-guides

The default mapping to toggle the plugin is <leader>ig. What modification should be made to make it toggled on when vim-started

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Sounds like something the plugin might support in its configuration. Vim plugins are generally configured by putting something like

let g:global_variable_for_plugin = 1

in your ~/.vimrc.

Lo and behold, from the vim-indent-guides documentation:

Use this option to control whether the plugin is enabled on Vim startup.

Default: 0. Values: 0 or 1.
  let g:indent_guides_enable_on_vim_startup = 0
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What you need is to run the following command at vim startup


One of the ways is to add an autocommand to your .vimrc like

au VimEnter * IndentGuidesEnable

There are probably other ways but this looks pretty simple for me.

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I have no idea why that plugin is not enabled by default but the


command seems to do just that. Add it somewhere in your ~/.vimrc.

More generally, mappings are just convenient shortcuts for commands or sequences of commands. You want to execute the command, not the mapping.

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