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Searched pretty extensively for a solution to this, I don't think I'm duplicating an already asked question...

I was experiencing a problem where the facebook like flyout box appeared below other elements on my page. The problem is, I'm using a theme with a two column layout, so when you like something on the left column, it would appear below the elements on the right column.

I tried to play with the z-index for iframe, but that made the facebook button on both columns rise to the top, making the comment flyover appear above all elements except the right column facebook button, which now appears above it.

Using the ShareThis plugin, which uses the iframe facebook like button.

Can this work? Or do I need to find a plugin that uses XFBML?


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I gave up and solved this by using a workaround. I eliminated one of the 4 sharing options and spaced the like button so the flyout would conflict with any other element.

It seems to be a specific issue with the ShareThis plugin I'm using on wordpress.

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This is the fix...

.fb-like iframe 
max-width: inherit;
z-index: 1000;
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