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In the code below, how do I grab all the information in class='pageHeading' using Xpath without grabbing whatever data is in the <span> tags?

The information I am after is simply: 'Shiny Hair Accessories'

This is what I have tried so far:

//*[@class='pageHeading' | //*[not(contains(@class, 'smallText'))]
//*[@class='pageHeading' and //*[not(contains(@class, 'smallText'))]

This is the code I am working on:

<td class="pageHeading" valign="top">
    Shiny Hair Accessories
   <span class="smallText">[10672]</span>
    <span class="smallText">UPC no. : 817953901653672</span>
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I figured it out. The text() function got the first layer of text belonging to the element with the class 'pageHeading' while ignoring the span tags, like I needed.

//td[@class = 'pageHeading']/text()
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