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I have a button and when I click button,I will operate send a HTTPClient request..If success,i will change background image of button and set enabled= false ..If not success, don't change.How can I do? I used a variable and based on it but not success. This is my code of HTTP Client

var added;
var url ="";
        //set background for button 
      //don't set background
function add(url)
var client = Ti.Network.createHTTPClient({
enableKeepAlive : true,
onload : function(e) {
  Ti.API.info('Load success');
onerror : function(e) {
timeout : 10000 // in milliseconds

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change your button background in function add(url).

onload : function(e) {added=1;Ti.API.info('Loadsuccess');Ti.API.info('Status:'+this.status);//set background for button },

in case your callback returns an error the button background will remain same. This is because its asyn call. Once you call the function add(url) it will send the httpclient a request. The code next to this call will be executed and when the http call returns nothing will happened to you button's backgraound.

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