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I have a requirement where @OneToOne association should be fetched according to certain condition.

class Entity2 {
    @Where(clause="epoch_end_time > current_timestamp() ")
    private ProgramHistory pgmHistory;

class Entity1 {

private Entity2 entity;


When I execute "from Entity1"..Hibernate creates query which has the condition like below "..........,Entity2.proram_index = ProgramHistory.program_index"...But I need @Where clause as well has to be added as part of this query.But hibernate never seems adduing it.Any idea? Is there any alternative to @Where..I my case epoch_end_time is a coloum in ProgramHistory table.

@Where working fine with @OneToMany...But my requirement is to put condition in assosicated entity of @OneToOne. Would @Filter help? Documentation says @Where and @Filter is meant for Collection.

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@Where and @Filter meant for collection.So it will not work with @OneToOne.

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