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Main References for My Question:

Now My Question:

I am writing a Java application that heavily relies on Google Guice for creating objects and handling dependency injection. I am trying to use interceptors to run pre-processing code before certain annotated methods are executed. So far, I have successfully been able to execute interceptors (using the MethodInterceptor interface) on methods that have been annotated, using Guice's instructions. However, I want to now write interceptors that will execure on Parameter Annotations.

Here is an example scenario. First, I create my own annotation. For example::

public @interface MyParameterAnnotation {

Next, I write my own interceptor for this annotation:

public class MyParameterAnnotationInterceptor implements MethodInterceptor {
    public Object invoke(MethodInvocation invocation) throws Throwable {
       // Do some stuff
       return invocation.proceed();

Here's an example of how I intend on using @MyParameterAnnotation:

public class ExampleObject {
    public String foo(@MyParameterAnnotation String param) {

Finally, I need to create a Guice Injector and use it to create an instalce of ExampleObject, or else I cannot use a method interceptor in this project. I configure the Injector so that the MyParameterAnnotationInterceptor is bound to @MyParameterAnnotation, like so:

final MethodInterceptor interceptor = new MyParameterAnnotationInterceptor();
bindInterceptor(Matchers.any(), Matchers.annotatedWith(MyParameterAnnotation.class), interceptor);

When I follow the above steps and execute a call to, unfortunately the interceptor is not executed despite the parameter being marked by @MyParameterAnnotation. Note that these similar steps will work if the annotation was placed at the method level instead.

This leads me to come up with two possible conclusions: either Guice cannot support binding an interceptor to a parameter annotation, or I am doing something completely incorrect (perhaps I should use another AOP Alliance interface for the interceptor, like FieldInterceptor, but I highly doubt it because the JavaDoc for Guice's AbstractModule suggests that the bindInterceptor() method can only use a MethodInterceptor parameter).

Nonetheless, all help us much appreciated :)

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The matcher is for method annotations not method parameter annotations.

There is no matcher provided by Guice for method parameter annotations--you either have to write one yourself or use some other scheme. Note that this is a bit of an odd use case--Generally you can get away with

public class ExampleObject {
    public String foo(String param) {

You have the right Guice interceptor config for the above example.

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