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I understand how to make a div slide as you're scrolling down the page. However I'm having trouble doing so.

It works if I do this:

But that's setting the position to "fixed", but I want it to stay as "absolute" because on absolute it'll stay within it's div like this:

But then that takes away the scrolling for some reason. Here's the CSS bit:

<div style="float:right;position:absolute;right:25px;padding-top:35px;" style="top: 0px;">
      <a href="_lib/forms/comment.php?id=<?php echo $article_id; ?>" class="-button silver" rel="facebox"><span class="-paper">Post Comment</span>

absolute = (How it's positioned is what I want, but I don't have fixed on it, so it's not scrolling with me)

fixed = (How it's positioned is what I don't want, but It is scrolling)

would you guys happen to know what I'm doing wrong?

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Yes, absolute will defeat your "sliding" (assuming you're using fixed to do that). absolute will put an element RIGHT THERE and it WON'T MOVE.

I'm assuming you're talking about the comment button. Without seeing any code I can't help much, but what you could do is position it with absolute inside a parent element that moves in a fixed manner.

share|improve this answer i actually got it working on the 14% position fixed. it works smoothly. But it moves as soon as you scroll, is there a way to tell it to only scroll once you move below the post comment ? –  TrippedStackers Dec 3 '12 at 6:08

using position:fixed is what you want.

The problem you're running into is that the right:25px declaration now means '25px away from the right edge of the browser window'.

You'll need to update that 'right' value to 50%, and then use a property like margin-left and push the button into the right place.

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