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I am testing some db layer functions. In one, I am simulating the user passing in the id (a GUID). I have hardcoded the guid for testing purposes but can't seem to assign it to a variable, as ridiculous as that sounds. In C# for a .NET 2.0 app. I have tried several ways, all failed. What is the proper way to set a guid to a variable? Here is the code...

Guid x = "5fb7097c-335c-4d07-b4fd-000004e2d28c";
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Guid x = new Guid("5fb7097c-335c-4d07-b4fd-000004e2d28c");
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If you are wanting a random GUID, you can just code Guid guid = System.Guid.NewGuid();, and an empty one: Guid guid = System.Guid.Empty; –  Anders Sep 2 '09 at 13:50
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To create a new GUID

Guid value = Guid.NewGuid(); 

To create a Guid instance from a string

new Guid("103C8287-30CB-4630-B3F2-978286F72BD7")

To convert a Guid object to a string

string valueString = value.ToString();
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