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I am using datables with asp.net, c#, Linq and SQL Server stored procedure and my procedures have paging inside with getting parameter for current page.

My aspx code is like this (for datatables)

 $(document).ready(function () {
    function renderTable(result) {
        var dtData = [];
        $.each(result, function () {
    $('#grid').dataTable({  //grid is the id of the table
        'aaData': dtData,
        'bInfo': false,
        'bLengthChange': true,
        'iDisplayLength': 2,
        'bSort': true,
        'bAutoWidth': false,
        'bProcessing': true,
        'sPaginationType': "full_numbers"

and this is my c# code is

DataClassesErrorsDataContext conx = new DataClassesErrorsDataContext();
List<MK_Bad_Gridview_Paging_281_Rejected_linqResult> allresults =
return allresults;

The PAGENUMBER parameter needs to get current page which clicked by user in datatables paging result table, then send it to my stored procedure in SQL Server to get current page result.

  1. how can I first load all count result to datatables to have its paging correctly?
  2. how can I get current clicked page number in datatables to send it to my c# code for pass to SQL Server procedure?
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I am sure that the stored procedure - not the most convenient way to get the data for the grid with paging, because in addition to the current page you will sooner or later pass also sort and filter options, and these operations can not be done after selecting a page of data. Discard the stored procedure, convert your SQL query to link query, use the dynamic linq for using of string expressions. If you need I can write a c# sample code. And yet, in my opinion, is nothing better invented than ExtJS GridPanel

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