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I have a page tab application with a share button that invokes the Facebook feed dialog. I want the story link to point back to the page tab application. How can I find out the page tab url from within the page tab app itself? I cannot use top.location.href because of cross-domain security issues, but I don't see how else the application itself can figure out the necessary url. Specifying the page tab app in a config setting is not an option - too fragile and prone to maintenence problems (i.e. publish from staging to prod without updating url).

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It's a bit roundabout, but it's fairly solid.

The signed_request will give you a page_id. You can then query the graph api for the link param on that Page ID. Combo that with app_<APP_ID> and you've got your URL.

eg - https://www.facebook.com/colmstestpage/app_120999667956026

https://www.facebook.com/colmstestpage/ comes from http://graph.facebook.com/<PAGE_ID>?fields=link and /app_120999667956026 is consistent and you don't need to query for your app_id.

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