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I think the title is quite straightforward but basically I have 2 mysql tables that hold various information. Linking them together is a unique id.

One of the tables is showing a total of 2 rows less than the other. I would like to run through these rows and find out which id values are missing. I do not know enough of mysql to say that this is not possible using only mysql but i thought it would be an easier task with php.

so something like this which really is a thumbsuck :

if ($stmt = $link->prepare("
    SELECT AS itemsId, c.item_id AS catsId
    FROM items i
    INNER JOIN item_categories c
    WHERE = c.item_id
    $stmt->bind_result($id1, $id2);
while ($stmt->fetch())
    *run through the numbers and echo which numbers are missing out of 1 to 300.*

Would anyone have any idea on how i could accomplish something like this?

Any advice, suggestion or information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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SELECT id FROM items WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT item_id FROM item_categories);
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One day i wish to have a logical brain like you :) Thank you so very much! –  IndigoIdentity Dec 3 '12 at 7:07

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