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I have always used the os:cmd/1 method to call operating system routines. Now, i know that erlang has an ssh application. I would like to know how i can use this module to ssh into a SOLARIS server, run a command and collect the reply. I believe that such an operation would be handled asynchronously. I need an example using the ssh application built into Erlang doing this:

enter image description here

Now, at times we setup SSH KEYS between servers to prevent password prompt especially if one is using a script to execute tasks on remote servers. i am intending to write many Erlang programs or escripts that will interact with many remote servers within our environment. i need a complete example and explanation on how ssh with and/or without password prompt can be handled using erlang ssh application.

NOTE: In the screen shot above, the two servers had SSH KEYS set up and so there is no password prompt when ssh is initiated from any of the two.

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The correct erlang native API to achieve this is not ssh, which only implements a user-interactive shell for ssh, but instead use ssh_connection. Take a look at ssh_connection:exec/4

To be more complete, use ssh:connect to establish a connection and then using the handler returned from it to connect with ssh_connection:exec/4

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I didn't try it myself and can't provide a complete example but the documentation seems to be a good starting point.

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