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I am a user of Google App Engine (GAE). In GAE there's an option we can backup the datastore to a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Bucket. I have signed up GCS, enabled billing and created a Bucket successfully. However, when I try the backup function in GAE Console - Datastore admin, it gives me an error message like this:

Start Backup Job Status There was a problem kicking some off the jobs/tasks: Bucket "myappxxxxxx-cloud-storage" is not accessible End

I did some research online and found we need to add the GAE's Service Account as a team member of the GCS, I have done so, however, as I "Invite a user to collaborate on this application" and enter the server account email address which is like, I got no email because this is not supposed to be a real email account, I received no invitation and the Status is always in pending state

So what can I do now?

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An alternative solution is to use the gsutil command line approach to edit the Access Control List (ACL) as described in

By doing this there is no need for email invitation and the account does not show up in the console

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You can give the service account (and therefore your application) access to all of the Google services in one shot by adding it to the team in the API Console.

As you point out, your can also do it using gsutil setacl/getacl commands as well. In this case, you're giving access to a specific bucket rather than all buckets in a Project.

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Thanks for your reply, however I've tried the "team" item in Google APIs Console but that brings me directly back to the App Engine Console's -> Administration -> Permissions Page.... which is where I got the issue of email invitation. – Lawrence Mok Dec 19 '12 at 8:10
I'd guess your not clicking on the right link then - the developer console team is not the same thing as the GAE administrator page. – Stuart Langley Dec 19 '12 at 9:34
Do you mean the "Team" item in the list Overview, Services, Team, API Access, Billing, Google Cloud Storage on the page: That redirects me to the page – Lawrence Mok Dec 20 '12 at 7:41
I tried this (adding service account as team member) with the new Cloud console and it worked, and allowed me to backup datastore to GCS. I'm a little puzzled because I thought this was automatic with the new cloud console (my GAE is already associated with API project) but the backup was failing until I did this. – Tom Oct 8 '13 at 18:16
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Another indirect way on solving this problem is to write your own mail handler in GAE. then you can receive email sent to your GAE email address.

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