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For calling there are two main possible cases

  • 1st case: User B calling user me (suppose I am the user A)
  • 2nd case: User A (I am) calling to user B

In 1st case There will be three states of calls CALL_STATE_IDLE, CALL_STATE_RINGING and CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK

User B calling to user A (myphone).

When user B calling me (A) , phone state 1st it will go in ringing state and when I answer the call it will go in off-hook state and when I am or user B end the call control will go in idle state that is fine .

Using 1st case of calling we can detect three states of phone on user A side.

2nd case : In 2nd case when I am calling to user B.

Control going inside IDLE state then off hook state without answer,

Anyone can describe how I can identify User B attend (answer) my call on my side (on user A side) ?

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There isn't any supported API for that, but you could try what I suggested in stackoverflow.com/questions/12039098/… –  Michael Dec 3 '12 at 10:00
Hi @Michael I try that method it saying class not found "com.android.internal.telephony.CallManager" because this is core class ,application developer have no access to use this class . . –  aftab Dec 10 '12 at 13:24

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