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I need to query the addresses of top 500 customers (best buyers). Many companies have multiple addresses.

The tables with data:

  • CustomerInfo
  • CustomerAddress
  • TransactionInfo
  • TransactionElements

My query looks this way:

select Customername, CustomerStreet --etc 
from CustomerInfo 
join CustomerAddress on CustomerID = Add_CustID
join  TransactionInfo on Trn_CustID = CustomerID
JOIN TransactionElements ON Trn_CustID = TrE_CustID

GROUP BY CustomerName, CustomerStreet --etc

It returns multiple addresses of a single company, I need just one.

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Which one do you want? – Mahmoud Gamal Dec 3 '12 at 8:04

One approach would be to use a CTE (Common Table Expression) if you're on SQL Server 2005 and newer (you aren't specific enough in that regard).

With this CTE, you can partition your data by some criteria - i.e. your CustomerId - and have SQL Server number all your rows starting at 1 for each of those "partitions", ordered by some criteria.

So try something like this:

;WITH CustomerAndAddress AS
       c.Customername, ca.CustomerStreet ,
       ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY c.CustomerId ORDER BY ca.AddressID DESC) AS 'RowNum'
       dbo.CustomerInfo c
       dbo.CustomerAddress ca ON c.CustomerID = ca.Add_CustID       
   Customername, CustomerStreet 
   RowNum = 1

Here, I am selecting only the "first" entry for each "partition" (i.e. for each CustomerId) - ordered by some criteria (I just arbitrarily picked AddressID from the address - adapt as needed) you need to define in your CTE.

Does that approach what you're looking for??

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I have examined the database and I need to choose the current address. I dont know which column identifies this one. Most likely its the int value (it has to be the highest among the other addresses). I only need to choose the one where this column value is the highest. – user1646678 Dec 3 '12 at 8:58
@user1646678: well, then, once you know which column identifies the most recent address - just place that column into the ORDER BY inside the OVER (....) clause and you're done – marc_s Dec 3 '12 at 9:01

Something like this will work from sqlserver 2005+. I also suggest adding some aliasses to your tables and refer to those.

select CI.Customername, CA.CustomerStreet --etc 
from CustomerInfo CI
cross apply 
(select top 1 Customername, CustomerStreet --etc
from CustomerAddress where CustomerID = CI.Add_CustID) CA
join  TransactionInfo TI on TI.Trn_CustID = CI.CustomerID
JOIN TransactionElements ON CI.CustomerID = TE.TrE_CustID
GROUP BY CustomerName, CustomerStreet --etc
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If CustomerInfo has many CustomerAddress, this query will make CustomerInfo returned for each CustomerAddress (a cartesian product) :

join CustomerAddress on CustomerID = Add_CustID

So if you need to get only one address you have to add conditions needed to choose single CustomerAddress :

join CustomerAddress on CustomerID = Add_CustID where <conditions>

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