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I have a pojo class (Location) which have a property as

@Collection(jcrType="nt:map") Map<String, String> map;

Now when i am trying to insert a Location objeect in jackrabbit repository. It is giving error as:

org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.exception.IncorrectPersistentClassException: Class of type: java.lang.String has no descriptor. 
        at org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.mapper.impl.AbstractMapperImpl.getClassDescriptorByClass( 
        at org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.manager.collectionconverter.impl.DefaultCollectionConverterImpl.doInsertCollection( 
        at org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.manager.collectionconverter.impl.AbstractCollectionConverterImpl.insertCollection( 

How i can save a object in the repository? Thanks in advance.

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I was also facing the same problem. Take a look at this link

By default, @Collection is not supporting maps based on <String, String>, the elements have to be beans based classes, not primitive types. If you want to use primitive types or wrapper classes, you have to use the collection converter MultiValueCollectionConverterImpl.

Though the problem was solved I am still not sure how the values are stored.

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