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I am trying to enable BOSH connection over Openfire so that i can create a XMPP client over a web. curretly i am testing it with the strophe.js.

the problem is when i try to fire following url in a browser i am getting

following error


    Problem accessing /http-bind/. Reason:

        Bad Request
    Powered by Jetty://

here is my server setting , i saw few threads but they arent helpful

enter image description here


i have made a connection using strophe but i am getting following error in browser trance

enter image description here

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In your update Strophe is sending OPTIONS HTTP requests which means that it is negotiating cross domain communication. Requests are painted red which means that this is failing for some reason. Probably misconfiguration. There is a nice article about that here:

Otherwise, when Strophe does its regular BOSH communication it uses POST method.

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its now working in my system.

i think your error encountered may actually be a configuration issue with the openfire.

It is designed to reply with HTTP 400 Bad Request if there is no element in the request. You can test this yourself by providing a element in your query.

Try the following URL in your browser:

 http://www.servername:7070/http-bind/?<body rid="1"/>
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This worked for me in testing to see if the server was working. You will get error 400 without a body elements. With the element you get a BOSH object back. It also works by browsing to that link. – Rarw Dec 28 '13 at 20:41

Your setup is correct. The page the browser displays to you is also normal. Openfires BOSH component is not designed to work in a Browser with HTTP GET, only with BOSH clients like strophe. Try to connect with strophe.

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which browser? make sure your browser allows cross domain requests. – Alex Dec 4 '12 at 6:43
its chrome , google chrome – Hunt Dec 4 '12 at 8:09

You should use proxy to repost the request to the openfire server . Because, the js post cannot support cross domain.

1.I use jsjac , but I think it's not important .
2.If you sure your config is right , please restart you openfire server . It's my experience .

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