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git version

commit 142e37219a68955ded79fbd9faa83cb4585b02ca
Merge: 6e9b88f 1b141fd
Author: Steve
Date:   Wed Oct 31 10:56:51 2012 +0700

    Merge branch 'dev-video' into 'dev-video_res-management'

commit 1b141fd4ca697d1626da807bc32325a657544678
Author: Steve 
Date:   Wed Oct 31 10:42:41 2012 +0700


Is there anyway I can remove the commit commit commit 142e3

For some reason I am getting a problem with that commit and I would like to delete so I can test without it.

When I am tried:

git rebase i 142e3

I could not see it, I can only see the ones before and after:

pick 6e9b88f FIXED: ...
pick 1b141fd FIXED: ...

The reason I asked was because I merged this into another branch I am not sure it can be removed.

Many thanks for any suggestions,

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Use git revert:

git revert 142e3
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What would the parent number be? The current mainline branch is dev-video and I merged that into dev-video-res_management. I just want to remove this commit. Thanks. – ant2009 Dec 3 '12 at 9:35
Oh, I am sorry. If you need to revert merge - add -m key: git revert -m 142e3. Read this:… – Oleksandr Kravchuk Dec 3 '12 at 9:39

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