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I want to modify some string in my exe resource. That resource type is a string table, but when i use UpdateResource function i don't know what parameter must be pass to it so it's pointing to the exact raw in the string table.

The type parameter is RT_STRING, but what should I send to MAKEINTRESOURCEW()?

HANDLE hExeFile = BeginUpdateResource(L"d:\\m.exe", FALSE);
WCHAR mail[]={L""};
EndUpdateResource(hExeFile, FALSE);
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maybe the code you have could help – Firo Dec 3 '12 at 9:37
possible duplicate of updating a string table with UpdateResource – IInspectable Jan 11 at 0:07

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An exe file cannot update its own resources while it is running. The resources are locked by the OS and are read-only. But if you could update the resources, then obviously you have to know the ID of your resource in order to update it. If it is a compiler-generated resource, then you are probably out of luck unless your compiler uses a predictable ID number, like 1. Otherwise, use an .rc file to define your own resource data, then you can use whatever ID you want.

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