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Can anyone explain to me, why the ServiceHelper in the first of the design patterns in Virgils presentation at Google I/O should be a singleton?

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At this position of the video for the next 30 seconds or so, Virgil gives an example-functionality for the helper that gives the answer, I think.

You can implement a map, from the request id to this intent. And you could always first of all ask the services: Is this particular request id still pending? ...

There should only be one place that holds those information, so you shouldn't be able to create more than one instance of this helper.

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The main reason is to share the service acrross activities. If one day you have tried to share "complex" data between actvities without persisting data in a DB. You proabvly have used a singelton.

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I know what a singleton is for, but I was wondering what the function is in that specific designpattern. What I have found Out in the meantime since I posted this question is that it probably is used for posting back results to the activities that activates the service. With a singleton you have one point of access to the service. –  Bohsen Mar 4 '13 at 7:58

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