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In /usr/include/net/if.h on linux struct iface is mentioned as a Back pointer to Interface in ifaddr structure, but i can't get the header file defining this structure.

Please help me if anyone knows !!!

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Well, it looks like it's just a legacy code kept in the struct to keep its structure.

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iface.h header is found in freeBSD only..not in linux?? Could you please tell me the path of iface.h in linux?? –  getz Dec 3 '12 at 10:15

struct ifaddr is of incomplete type, which means that the code would compile, but if you de-reference the pointer to struct iface, or make any other assignments, it would give an error. As said earlier, struct iface is kept in the main structure for legacy reasons only.

struct ifaddr
    struct sockaddr ifa_addr;   /* Address of interface.  */
        struct sockaddr ifu_broadaddr;
        struct sockaddr ifu_dstaddr;
      } ifa_ifu;
    struct iface *ifa_ifp;      /* Back-pointer to interface.  */
        struct manav p[8];
    struct ifaddr *ifa_next;    /* Next address for interface.  */

See also: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

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