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I have to create a multiple alternating rows that contain different sets of data from different text documents. I can read text files okay I just cant figure out how I would do the alternating rows using the different queries in one html table.

I have thought about storing the data in a database, might this be a better way to go rather than reading in a text file every time the page loads?

What other ways could I achieve the output, I have currently looked at a previous thread Selecting alternating records from two tables but it didn't seem applicable due to it using a database to produce the results.

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Keep a record of which line you're processing and use the modulus operator:

$LineNumber = 1;
while ()
    if (($LineNumber % 2) == 1) // Is odd
        $SecondaryTable .= "<td>I feel odd</td>";
        $PrimaryTable .= "<td>hello</td>";


// ... Finish off the tables here

echo $PrimaryTable;
echo $SecondaryTable;
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