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I am writing a wrapper class that abstracts std::map std::vector and boost::unordered_map, to do this, I have defined separate container classes encapsulating each of the containers and an abstract base class that is common to these classes. Another class called MyWrapper overloads the [] operator and calls methods on a pointer of the abstract base class to get the values. It also creates a custom iterator from boost::any_range to iterate over the values. Here are my wrapper and base classes:

class MyClass{

    ContainerBase* cb;

//my custom iterator
    typedef boost::any_range<valT,boost::bidirectional_traversal_tag,
    valT&,std::ptrdiff_t>::iterator iterator;

// other methods and costructor
    const valT& operator[](size_t idx) const{
      return cb->getValueAtkey[idx];

    iterator begin(){
     return cb->getbegin(); 

class ContainerBase{
    //other methods
    virtual valT& getValueAtKey(size_t); //calls the underlying container's subscript 
    virtual MyClass::iterator getbegin();

I am using a templated map class and defining custom iterators on it using boost::transform_iterator to iterate through the key values as follows :

template<class MapType>     //std::map or boost::unordered_map 
class  MapDerived : public ContainerBase{        
 MapType cont;
 typedef boost::transform_iterator<value_extractor,typename MapType::iterator> value_iterator;
 MyClass::iterator getbegin(){ 
 return MyClasss::iterator(
 boost::make_transform_iterator<value_extractor,typename MapType::iterator>(cont.begin(),value_extractor()
 }    //similar function for end iterators 

I am getting the following error on compiling :

error: invalid initialization of non-const reference of type 'valT&' from a temporary of type 'int'

preceded by a instantiated from here message at return cb->getValueAtkey[idx]; inside MyClass::operator[]()

I am relatively new to boost and therefore cannot figure out where I am going wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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At first sight, you only have a const operator[](), and this calls a non-const getValueAtKey(). Try to either add a non-const operator[]() or adding a const getValueAtKey().

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I do have a non-const operator[] defined, I omitted it for the sake of brevity. – adi Dec 3 '12 at 10:32
Then maybe the problem is in the code calling operator[](). Could you show that code? – Diego Sevilla Dec 3 '12 at 15:36

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