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class List < AR::Base
  has_many :items

class Item < AR::Base
  belongs_to :list
  att_accessible :tag

I'd like a method that returns only the List's with all the tags passed in to the method.

i.e. filtered_lists = List.filter_by_item_tags(['tag1', 'tag2'])

My current implementation returns a list with tag1 or tag2 I'd like it to return only the lists with both tag1 and tag2

What I have so far:

class List < AR::Base
  def self.filter_by_item_tags(tags)
    items = Item.includes(:lists)
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I think joins with condition may be helpful. You can try something like this (I've not tested it)

def self.filter_by_item_tags(tags)
  # Get items with the given tag, and check that all tags have been found
  List.joins(:items).where("items.tag in (?) and count(distinct items.tag) = ?", tags, tags.length)


List.joins(:items).select('count(distinct items.tag) as tags_count').where(:items => { :tag => tags }).group('tags_count').having('tags_count = ?', tags.length)
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