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I'm working on a simple jQuery element but I can't seem to select the right div. I have 2 divs called "container_vragen" and inside the div are some hidden div's. Now I have some buttons that shows that hidden div but it shows it in both "container_vragen" divs. But I want to show it in only one of the divs.

$('.open_sub_ja , .open_sub_no').click(function() {

    $('.akkoord').click(function() {

I have a small jsFiddle here

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You can filter your ancestor with a selector :


Updated fiddle.

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Yup I just realized my mistake! The parents() goes back to the body div (I think) if you don't put a div in the value of the parents(). – Peter Boomsma Dec 3 '12 at 10:46

Substitute parents() for parent() , like this:


Because .parents() will return all parents until document root, that is not what you want, you just want to go one parent up to then find the .submenu element, so to just go one parent up you use .parent().

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Use .parent() instead of .parents()

Check jQuery API docs given at

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