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Is it possible to reference a .NET Assembly from a SQL Server Stored procedure or function, or otherwise access the clr code from SQL Server?

EDIT Whilst this solution will require to be somewhat generic, I am fairly confident expecting SQL 2005+

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It depends on your version of SQL Server. SQL Server 2005 and higher supports CLR Stored Procedures. If you have an older version, you need to register the Assembly as a COM class (using attributes on the objects/methods/assembly), and then registering it using regasm. Then you can call it like any other COM Object.

SQL 6.5 is a bit buggy though (leaks memory occasionally), so you might need to register it as a COM+ Component (in my experience). That might not stop the memory leaks, but it can help prevent the "Class not found" errors. I'm not exactly sure why it occurs in 6.5

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CLR Stored procedures

Sql Server 2005 or later required.

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You can indeed.

Some information here.

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