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My team is starting to develop some new middle-size website with CMS, we have our custom developed CMS but we are forced to use Symfony2 in this particular project, and because we have a lot of different code that we could reuse in a new project.

So I would like to ask: What is the difference between Smarty (we are using it in our CMS) and Twig (used in Symfony2)? Would you suggest to rewrite functionality from Smarty into Twig, or just add some Smarty libraries (bundles) into Symfony (if there are any of them available)?

Is there big difference between them? After quick read of Twig documentation it seems that there is no really big difference in syntax between them.

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I don't know how much Smarty files you have, but if you have some files I recommend to rewrite them to Twig, as that is the default template engine which is optimalised in Symfony2. If you have a lot of files, I recommend to add Smarty as a template engine in Symfony2 (with the Noiselabs/SmartyBundle) and use Smarty for your templates.

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