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Will the CDC (an MFC class) MFC Class member function DPtoHIMETRIC() functionality varies between Windows 7 and Windows XP?? Below is the sample code:

//calculate the bounding rectangle in HIMETRIC units //logical unit = 0.01 mm and value of lpDrawItemStruct is passed as function argument

CDC pDC= CDC::FromHandle(lpDrawItemStruct->hDC);
CSize wh(rc.Width(),rc.Height());
int x = wh.cx;
int y = wh.cy;

After conversion the values(x and y) in Windows XP varies with Windows 7. Due to that functionality is getting affected. Kindly provide your suggestions and views in handling this issue.

Reference: For CDC class http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fxhhde73(v=vs.80).aspx For DPtoHIMETRIC http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/h6e91ee5(v=vs.80).aspx

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Where do you get the values for rc? –  dwo Dec 3 '12 at 11:32
rc is of type CRect. it's value is retrieved from CRect rc(lpDrawItemStruct->rcItem); –  raj Dec 4 '12 at 4:52

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From the linked MSDN article:

the conversion is based on the number of pixels in the physical inch

Which is affected by the video adapter's DPI setting. Yes, commonly higher on Windows 7 since it is so easy to change:

enter image description here

The "Set custom text size (DPI)" link produces:

enter image description here

Resetting the settings is likely to make your program operate correctly again. Or bump it way up, Windows will start taking care of scaling old non DPI-aware apps at 150%. At a cost of producing fuzzy output. These are not real fixes of course. Writing code that scales graphics smoothly at different DPI settings requires work.

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Sidenote: Writing Windows UI code that seamlessly adapts to the DPI of the system almost qualifies as an exercise in futility... It can be done, but it takes a lot of work and creates a lot of frustration. –  Nik Bougalis Dec 4 '12 at 0:23
Thank you for your suggestions.. –  raj Dec 6 '12 at 6:05

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